UK-SCL as a mechanism for ensuring academics retain re-use rights

If your institution uses this model open access policy, you will retain re-use rights of your work, e.g. for teaching and conferences, your outputs will comply with most funder deposit requirements, and will be eligible for submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF2021).

UK-SCL supports researchers by:

  • Enabling timely communication of the findings of publicly-funded research so that your work can be put to use more quickly and by more people.
  • Ensuring that you retain your copyright and, by extension, your moral rights
  • Preserving your right to publish in the journal of your choice and to assign your copyright to the publisher if necessary.
  • Allowing for the reuse of research outputs for example in research and teaching, including for online courses
  • Enabling compliance with multiple policies through a single deposit action. See here for a list of funders for which the UK-SCL enables compliance.